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Gym Ball

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Educational Programs and Services
Edward P. Mulligan, MS, PT, SCS, ATC

Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Warm-Up Exercises


    Cradle Rocks

   Shoulder Shrugs/Retractions

    Pendulum Exercises


Self Joint Mobilization

    Anterior Lateral Distraction

    Posterior Lateral Distraction

    Anterior Glide

    Posterior Glide

    Inferior Glide


Active Assistive Range of Motion Exercises

    Overhead Flexion

    Side to Side ‑ Horizontal Abduction

    Shoulder Circles ‑ Circumduction

    Shoulder Rotation with Elbows Parallel          

    Shoulder Rotation with Arm at the Side

    Shoulder External Rotation - Post Glide          

    L or T-bar External Rotation   

    Cane Twists

    Stick Assisted Abduction

    Stick Hyperextension

    Apley Scratch Test Stretching

        Ext- IR-Add



Shoulder Stretching Exercises

    Pec Stretch‑Clavicular & Sternal Fibers

    Bar Hanging Stretch

    Shoulder Capsular Stretching:

        Anterior Capsule

        Inferior Capsule

        Posterior Capsule

    Neck and Arm Stretch

    Cervical Side Bending

    Deep Breathing Stretches

    Pectoralis Minor Stretch

    Supraspinatus Stretch

    External Rotator Stretch

    Chicken Wing Post Capsule Stretch

    Sidelying Hrz Add Post Capsule Stretch


Shoulder Isometrics

    Internal/External Rotation

    Empty Can ‑ Supraspinatus

    Forward Flexion/Backward Extension

    Lateral Abduction


Shoulder Progressive Resistance Exercises

    Prone Horizontal Abduction

    Prone Rowing   

    Prone Shoulder Extension

    Prone Shoulder Flexion   

    Prone D2 Diagonal Lift   

    Prone Shoulder Press

    Prone External Rotation

    Sidelying External Rotation

    Sidelying Internal Rotation

    Supine Serratus Punches

    Horizontal Adduction

    Empty Can Lifts

    Standing Overhead Flexion/Scapation

    Standing Short Arc Military Press   

    Standing Lateral Abduction

    Diagonals ‑ D1/D2

    Shoulder Shrugs

    Tricep Extensions

    Bicep Curls

    Incline Press

    Decline Press

    Bench Press

    Chest Flies

Pulley and Mobilization Exercises

    Rope and Pulley Overhead Flexion

    Rope and Pulley Overhead Abduction


Elastic Tubing Resisted Shoulder Exercises

    Internal Rotation with Arm Elevated

    External Rotation with Arm Elevated

    Internal Rotation with Arm at Side

    External Rotation with Arm at Side

    Empty Can Lifts

    Diagonal Lifts  D1/D2

    Shoulder Extension

    Shoulder Pull Aparts  Horz Abduction

    Shoulder Flexion/Scapation

    Short Arc Military Press

    Shoulder Abduction

    Shoulder Crossover ‑ Horz Adduction

    Shoulder Pull Downs

    Shoulder Shrugs

    Sitting Rows

    Serratus Punches

    Bicep Curls

    Tricep Extensions


Push Up/Push Up Plus Progression

    Quadruped Stabilization/Balancing

    Standing Push Up

    45 Degree Angle Table Push Up

    Traditional Push Up

    Balance Board Push Up

    Gym Ball Push Up

    Balance Board Circles/Diagonals

    Tripod Balance/Stabilization


Upper Extremity Closed Chain Activities

    Standing Dips

    Chin Ups/Pull Ups

    Sitting Dips

    Chair Dips


    Upper Extremity Balance Board

    Upper Extremity Slide Board

    Upper Body Stairmaster


UE Variable Resistance Machine Exercises

    Bicep Curls

    Tricep Extensions

    Bench Press

    Shoulder Press

    Lateral Raises

    Pec Deck

    Abdominal Machine

    Back Extension

    Lat Pulldown


    Rowing ‑ Scapular Retraction

    Rotary Torso

    UBE (Upper Body Ergometer)


Impingement/Instability Syndromes

    Athletic Activity Modifications

    Activity of Daily Living Modifications

    Postural Considerations

    Weight Training Modifications


Interval Throwing Program

    Warm‑Up & Stretching

    Symptom Management

    Throwing Mechanics/Intensity

    Stage Progression

    Soreness Symptoms

    Short & Long Toss Program Specifics

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